Our Message

At Temple Judea Preschool, students and their families experience an exceptional educational program. We offer a nurturing learning environment that teaches to the individual child and promotes growth and development.

Our preschool encourages children to develop social skills that are needed inside and outside of our school. Unique and creative activities from color day to science experiences provide an academically stimulating yet fun learning environment.

Our academic programs are designed to recognize individual needs and learning styles with a curriculum including literature, problem solving, science, introduction of computers and language development. The children experience various learning centers where they learn to work in a group and during that time they learn about patience, sharing and communicating their needs.

We invite you to visit Temple Judea Preschool to learn more about the opportunities for your children in an environment committed to the development of your child.


We provide care for children ages 18 months – 5 years in the Fort Myers area.   Temple Judea Preschool serves families of all faiths and denominations that desire a program, which provides varied enriching experiences and activities that contribute to and stimulate the development of the child. Our philosophy is to recognize each child as a unique individual. Each child is nurtured and cared for in a loving atmosphere, allowing them to progress according to his/her rate of development.


Children are full of wonder and curiosity. Our environment is designed to stimulate children to explore and discover. We integrate the child’s cognitive, emotional, physical and social growth.   Our classrooms are carefully prepared to enhance their love for learning and to enable them to gain confidence by success. We have developed a curriculum designed to reflect these concerns by using effective learning centers.


A room arrangement in a preschool setting is more than just aesthetics. At Temple Judea Preschool you will find individual classrooms for each age group that are well equipped and engagingly decorated to create a safe, fun and nurturing atmosphere. The way out classrooms are designed will affect how a child feels about themselves, how they relate to the teacher, and to other children around them. Our classrooms stimulate learning, and play.

Each of our classrooms are organized around learning centers equipped with a range of toys and materials to foster all areas of development. Specific learning centers change with our themes. Each classroom is divided into learning centers, which is designed to be age appropriate.

The children are grouped together according to when they are entering kindergarten. This gives the children and families an opportunity to grow together through the years they are at our facility.

Hours of Operation

Children 18 months – 5 years of age

We offer full and half-day programs for all of our students, hours are as follows:

Full day program hours:

8:30 – 4:00 Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 3:00   Friday

Half day programs hours:

8:30 – 12:30 Monday – Friday

You can choose 2, 3 or 5-day programs.

Toddler Programs for Parent and Child


If you are interested in learning more about this program and the ages it begins, please contact 239-482-1121.

Information for the parent:

  1. The program will support parents in their parenting role.
  2. The program will provide a setting, which will help parents gain an understanding of toddler developmental milestones; thereby helping parents have realistic expectations for their child.
  3. The program will provide an opportunity to identify and address concerns in development, and to provide appropriate resources and referrals.
  4. The program offers cooking, art, story time, group games, singing and socialization.

For the child:

    1. The program will provide age appropriate activities so that the child can practice emerging skills.
    2. The program will provide an opportunity for early socialization through interactive play between children and between adult/child.
    3. The program will provide opportunities for the child to gain confidence in him/herself. This should eventually help your child with “separation anxiety”.
    4. The program will provide a FUN TIME for all.

Contact 239-482-1121

for more information on all our preschool programs