Temple Judea Preschool has been part of the Fort Myers community for over 25 years. Teaching and learning is the purpose of our preschool and we offer a curriculum, which is developmentally appropriate for all children. We look at every child as an individual to meet his/her needs. We believe that a child should not only be educated, but stimulated and excited and that their freedom of expression should be nurtured through every creative opportunity. We offer a safe and friendly environment devoted to the development of a child’s creativity as well as their imagination; a place, which gives your child the encouragement to become confident enthusiastic learners. Our children work and play together in a developmental environment putting great emphasis on reasoning and critical thinking skills. We provide an environment where children can openly relate to others and expect to be listened to and respected for their points of view.

Temple Judea Preschool serves families of all faiths and denominations that desire a program. This enables us to provide varied enriching experiences and activities that contribute to and stimulate the development of the child.

Temple Judea Preschool is the only Conservative, Jewish Early Childhood program in Lee County.  A safe environment is provided that reinforces a child’s natural curiosity and allows each child to experience challenges and success.  Children are exposed to a variety of age-appropriate learning activities to meet their social, intellectual and emotional development.  This helps stimulate creative development as well as exploring the world around them.

Parental Involvement

The school encourages parental involvement in their child’s preschool experience. Parents and teachers gain valuable insights and techniques from each other and at the same time share their talents and interests to maintain the excellent quality at Temple Judea Preschool. School then becomes a shared experience, which we hope will continue throughout each child’s educational process.

Our programs include but are not limited to:
Full and Part Time Programs
Language Arts
Reading Readiness Activities,
Math Concepts
Writing Skills
Music and Cooking
Physical Education
Dramatic Play
Family Events
Special Guest Speakers

Temple Judea Preschool is proud to offer a Summer Camp program to continue enriching your child’s educational needs.

Here at Temple Judea Preschool we have an open door policy.

To learn more about our program, call 239-482-1121 or stop by for a tour!