Meet the Rabbi

rabbi sackRabbi Sack’s favorite passage of Jewish learning was written by Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav:

“Two men who live in different places or even in different generations, may still converse.  For one may raise a question, and the other who is far away in time or in space may make a comment or ask a question that answers it.  So they converse,  but no one knows it save the Lord, who hears and records and brings together all the words of men, as it is written:  They who serve the Lord speak to one another, and the Lord hears them and records their words in His book (Malachi 3:16). ”

Judaism is a conversation across the generations between people searching for truth, debating what God wants from us.  At Temple Judea we continue that conversation about God, Torah and the Jewish people.  We welcome open discussion and a wide range of ideas.  We believe that all of these are part of the Jewish search for God in our lives.

Rabbi Marc Sack, a native of Hartford, Connecticut, was ordained by The Jewish Theological Seminary of America in 1982.  In that same year, he received a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University.  He received his Bachelor’s degree from Case Western Reserve University.

Rabbi Sack began his career as an assistant rabbi in Minneapolis.  Before coming to Temple Judea in Ft. Myers, he also served congregations in Austin, Texas and Tampa, Florida.

Rabbi Sack is married to Leni Sack, an educational administrator.  They have four children living in Los Angeles, Ho Chi Minh City, Tel Aviv and Austin.